From its beginnings as a supplier of computer peripherals in 1984, Compal has relied on professional management and strong R&D to grow to its present scale. Today Compal is one of the world leading manufacturers of computer notebooks, its display products are well known for high quality, and it steadily expands into Automotive Electronics products and Digital Consumer Electronics field. To offer fast and flexible service, Compal has established branches in the PRC,  the U.S., Brazil and Poland.Working together, coordinated by the parent Worldwide Logistics Group, have enabled Compal to become known throughout the industry as a leader in computer and IT products.

    Located in Taipei’s Neihu District, Compal’s corporate headquarters include its administrative and management divisions, its marketing department, sourcing centers and finance, as well as its R&D groups. Here, each project is completed in a step-by-step fashion, executed by seasoned teams with nearly two decades of experience in product research and development. Supported by fast and efficient in-house communications, backed by investment in the latest technologies. In fact, Compal’s R&D capability is the key factor that it can easily win customers’ trust. With more than 3,900 highly-skilled technical staff, Compal can meet any technical challenge in developing computer and information-related products. 

      Over the years, Compal has learned that a product’s competitiveness is based on quality, cost and on-time delivery. Experienced in forming in-house R&D groups for a varied list of customers – no matter whether their product be computer notebooks, LCD TV or other newly emerging Automotive Electronics products and Digital Consumer Electronics products – Compal can quickly respond to design changes necessitated by a fast changing marketplace. In addition, with its innovative products and creativity, Compal has applied and been granted many patents worldwide. 
   Throughout the entire process, from the early design phase to the final stages of quality control, Compal insists on excellence. Relying on the most advanced, precision equipment and technology available, Compal adheres to the most stringent testing standards. This means that Compal’s products are always of the utmost quality. Further, Compal’s annual increases in expenditure for R&D and engineering staff demonstrate its continuous commitment to the development and manufacture of products that will play a leading role in this important industry long into the future. 
   Compal manufactures its products at Kunshan Factory in China. There are four blocks of notebook computers professional manufacturing plants and two blocks of specialized manufacturing plants gradually for display products. In 2007, Compal set up the second overseas manufacturing base in Vietnam. Next year, Compal separately sets up the NB service center in Poland and Brazil. To achieve high production levels while maintaining the highest possible quality, both facilities are fully efficient and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. This assures that Compal always meets its goal of near flawless manufacturing. Compal’s management philosophy is ‘quality first’. That’s why it gathers the most up-to-date and accurate industrial intelligence, using it as a resource in seeking technical solutions and product innovation. The manufacturing process is overseen by experienced managers and engineers who thoroughly test each product at every stage of assembly. Prior to delivery, all products undergo a final inspection to assure its quality exceeding the expectations of its customers. It should come as no surprise, then, that Compal’s present facilities are certified for ISO-9001 international quality standards, ISO-14001 and OHSAS 18000 international environmental standards. Compal’s insistence on quality has brought it strong sales. Compal’s notebooks are well recognized by major OEMS in the world. And its display products also have a strong and vibrant image throughout the industry. 
   Due to its innovative R&D capabilities, Compal is recognized by governments, industrial clients and major computer magazines around the world. For its superior management, it has been listed in Business Week Magazine as one of the world’s top 100 information technologies companies for eight consecutive years. To meet the needs of its fast growing clients, Compal’s Global Logistic and Information B.U. uses a variety of Internet and electronic marketing techniques. This allows it to keep its finger on the pulse of the marketplace. By matching its local customer service centers with its strong marketing logistics capabilities, it integrates all phases of operations from the initial order to eventual fulfillment. Currently, in less than 48 hours, it can process most orders, giving customers fast and complete service. 
    “Transcendence”, “Sincerity” and “Harmony” . . . these are Compal’s core values. These will enable Compal to stay ahead of the times, and to create new opportunities. In addition to developing and manufacturing its well-known computer notebooks for internet applications, Compal’s management team carries out multiple industry layouts with foresight, structuring a complete supply chain, including communications, TFT panels, IC packaging and manufacturing. Looking toward the future, Compal has full confidence in its ability to move ahead. By year 2009 with the worldwide of over 30,000 workforce, Compal will be the No.1 Notebook and Top 3 TV world class ODM manufacturer,Compal last year (2009) total ship unit is 32.7M and was the largest laptop manufacturer in the world. Working together, diligently and harmoniously, Compal’s staff will continue to exceed expectations long into the future.  

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