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Proven world-class Compal notebooks, available for private label.
On the job:
You’re doing several big things at once, from the comfort of your favorite Wi-Fi enabled coffee shop: Editing a 5-minute video presentation, downloading music for the audio track, compressing it all for Web streaming, and then uploading the encrypted file to your offices in Munich and Taipei. While your digital content renders, you scan the 24-hour TV news channels – but headlines are all you have time for, because your notebook has already powered through a digital processing job that used to take hours; and, the latest security running in the background has let you work in total privacy.
On the road:
International business trips are a lot more enjoyable now that you can watch the latest DVD movie release in home theatre quality sound and graphics. Once on the ground, your notebook automatically finds and negotiates your connection to the terminal’s Wi-Fi “hotspot” so you can check email while your traveling companion simultaneously phones the office, half a world away, using your notebook’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software. And best of all, you never had to search out an electrical outlet – your notebook “slept” when you did, and optimized its battery life for nonstop performance.
After hours:
Your dual-core notebook makes you a business success by day and the center of family attention by night. In the den, you use pro-quality audio editing software and headphones to assemble and mix the piano tracks your daughter just recorded. Meanwhile, your spouse listens to earlier compilations on CD through a separate audio feed connected toyour home stereo system. Later, upstairs in front of the big-screen TV you and your son engage in 3D combat, immersed in hi-def sound, as your notebook connects to the family home theatre system.

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